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Photo credit: Ferit Akyuz
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May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Bachata & salsa

Photo credit: Ferit Akyuz

Train with UK's top Bachata instructor and performer. UK Bachata Stars Champion & Bachata Spice London Best Choreography winner alongside her dance partner Angus Bowman.  Learn Bachata & Salsa techniques, body movement, arm styling, turns, choreography, and more.


Born and brought up in Cyprus but has been living abroad since 2006. She has moved to the UK to study Applied Linguistics (English and Spanish) then went off to live in Spain to master her Spanish. She lived in Granada for about 4 years and worked as an English teacher. While in Spain she has discovered her love for Latin music and Latin dances.

Dancing has always been one of her favourite hobbies since she was a young kid but having spent her youth training as a national track and field athlete she never had real-time to focus truly on anything else. She studied various styles of dancing as a teenager such as hip-hop, ballet and salsa but her real training in Latin dances started in Spain where she fell in love with all the unique styles and started taking various different classes, as well as travelling to congresses to learn more from all the great dancers all over the world.

Ovgu moved to London to further her studies where she met her bachata dance partner Angus whom she became the BachataStars UK champions in 2013. They have participated in other competitions where they placed 1st (Bachata Spice London Best Choreo) and 2nd. Recently they have placed 3rd in the World Bachata Championship. 

Highly praised for her unique elegant styling and musicality Ovgu is in-demand to teach in national and international events. She is a passionate dance instructor who is always looking for ways to empower and help her students improve their dancing. 

Ovgu is based in the UK and has been teaching and performing since 2013.  She continues her training as a dancer in different styles and alongside her dance career, she is also the manager of one of London's most prestigious performing arts schools, the London School of Arts. 


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Shadow on Concrete Wall


Excellent first round of online classes that touched all aspects of bachata ladies styling. Easy to follow with very clear instructions. Every class offered something new to learn and incorporate. Invaluable 1:1 catch-ups after class to get into the detail and break down moves. Ovgu knows how to structure her classes and explain every move breathing confidence to all ladies not only on styling but on footwork and partner work (when we can get back to it)! Can't wait for round 2!

Square Stage


Honestly, the quality of your classes is as great online as they are in real life! xx

Shadow on Concrete Wall


The workshop was so well planned. I absolutely loved the routines we learnt at each class and it all came together perfectly in the final session. I really appreciate all your feedback at the one on one sessions too. It has definitely helped fine tune my movements. I can't wait to be a part of more of your classes. Thank you Ovgu

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